Investment Philosophy

INTRODUCTION Our investment philosophy is the overall set of principles and strategies that guide and steer our recommendations. It helps us simplify a complex industry by filtering out its wide variety of marketing communications, fund launches, and special offers, allowing us to concentrate on our client relationships, safe in the knowledge that we are doing our best to protect and grow their assets in line with their risk and reward profile. KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE OF FINANCIAL PRODUCTS Knowledge and experience is about assessing what our clients’ previous experiences have been in relation to various types of financial products. As part of this we consider what different financial products have been previously implemented and whether this has been done having received advice or whether the client has acted on their own. This helps us to assess levels of understanding. Active Versus Passive Ethical Issues Alternative Assets INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS Strategic Asset Allocation Tactical Asset Allocation Security Selection STRATEGY While investment performance hinges on many factors out of an investor’s control, most notably the return on markets, we can control other factors. These are the ones we deem the most important in creating and managing a portfolio such as: the types of funds we invest in, the cost of the investments we choose and what we look for when choosing the investment companies we do business with. It is therefore important to be able to justify our investment decisions to ourselves and ultimately our clients and make it clear why we have made recommendations to invest their money in a particular way. There are a number of different investment philosophies available to us, and various theoretical approaches to investing. Namely: