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INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS INTRODUCTIO N Deciding to pay for financial advice is a big step. It is normal to question yourself, especially as the results of a particular investment may not be apparent for years to come. There are some financial steps you can probably take yourself, such as putting some money aside into a savings account and paying off debts, but as you start to accumulate assets and your situation becomes more complex, it is natural to think about seeking advice. UNDERSTANDING YOUR NEEDS ANDOBJECTIVES Whatever financial decisions you have to make, the first step towards making the right decisions is to establish a clear understanding of your financial needs and objectives. One of the most valuable things Invest Southwest’s qualified and experienced advisers can do for you is help you to draw out a clearer vision of your financial future. We can help you understand what options you have around shorter, medium and longer term issues. We may even find you have needs you have not yet considered. This is key to helping you to make well informed decisions.