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Ongoing Support

We firmly believe in 'Advice...For Life'. Looking after our clients for the long haul is essential to providing sound advice and this ethic underpins everything we do.

Very few (if indeed any) financial instruments can be implemented and then left to do their own thing. The review process is at least equal to if not more important than the initial selection and implementation process. With this in mind our clients can benefit from our ongoing support service. This key service provides:

  • A face to face meeting (at least annually) to re-balance and re-select funds, review any changes to circumstances, goals and objectives, assess changes in the economy, regulation and products and review and implement any changes to plans.
  • A detailed analysis of the current and projected financial situation including a portfolio valuation and a revised income and expenditure analysis.
  • Access to a dedicated adviser to answer any general or specific financial questions or concerns whenever needed.
  • Access to our administrative team who will respond and deal with ad-hock inquiries.
  • Regular news bulletins.
  • Maintenance of records.
  • Ad-hock notification of changes in the world of finance.
  • Access to your very own Personal Finance Portal.

Portfolio Rebalancing - Invest Southwest


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